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90% of cut flowers in the UK come from overseas and that’s bad news for the environment. Every 4 imported bunch is the carbon footprint of a flight from London to Paris.
This means that you could by 18 (​yes, 18!​) bunches of locally grown flowers and still make a smaller negative impact than you would if you bought just one imported bunch.

Don’t panic. We can help to change this.
The Wild Society is sustainable, plastic free and we LOVE recycling. Everything we offer is grown and sourced in the UK, and will arrive in fully compostable packaging.
Join the community to enjoy rad, home-grown flowers for your home, wedding and events.

Need a little extra convincing?​ ​Having a vase of The Wild Society flowers in your home can increase your happiness levels by 98%


* disclaimer: this may or may not be backed by any scientific data

What does the Wild Society do?  

Subscription flowers

Regular farm-to-vase arrangements  to suit your schedule! 

subscription flowers
bunch of flowers

one off flower

For yourself or a friend. Add a note card to let someone know you're thinking of them.


UK- grown, locally sourced flowers for your big day

PHOTO-2019-08-31-09-06-27 2.jpg

Weeds are just wild flowers in the wrong place ... or are they? 

Here at The Wild Society we bloody love weeds and we’re here to give them the glow-up they deserve. In fact, your next bouquet will be full of them and they’ll look so pretty we’re sure you’ll love them, too.   

" ...the most amazing bunch of flowers and they lasted for two weeks! I feel like someone sent me a wild meadow ..."

Claire, London

"...the team took such care of me when I was freaking out about my wedding ...amazing attention to detail and they went above and beyond on the day..." 

Natalie, London

"...getting flowers every 2 weeks and its like getting a present through the door, so easy and beautiful. The Wild Society makes my feels special every time..."

Emma, Chelmsford

British roses

Champions of the Weed


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