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I'm Alarna, the voice behind The Wild Society and the face you'll (occasionally) spot in our photos. Founded in 2020, TWS blossomed from my passion for flowers, a longing for deeper connection with nature, and a wholehearted desire to escape the confines of an office.


The decision to exclusively use British-grown flowers is a straightforward one; the level of greenwashing associated with imported flowers is alarming! Did you know that 90% of cut flowers in the UK are sourced from overseas? The vast majority of these imported blooms come from equatorial regions, and they incur a significant environmental cost along the way. These flowers endure freezing to withstand excessive transportation, and are laden with toxic preservatives to maintain their freshness and their fleeting fragrance.


Buying four bunches of imported flowers generates as much carbon emissions as a flight from London to Paris. In contrast, you could buy 18 (yes, 18!) bunches of locally grown flowers, and have a lesser environmental impact than just one imported bunch. I can’t blame anyone for falling for it, because I did for years. My aim now is to enlighten you about the delights and benefits of British-grown flowers. Never one to shy away from getting my hands dirty, I'll personally handpick and arrange the flowers you receive, ensuring they reflect our commitment to sustainability.

Since my childhood, Granny B taught me the significance of nature for mental well-being, advocating that simply "stopping to smell the roses" can uplift anyone's spirits. I can safely say that watching the evolving beauty of our flowers as they shift with the changing seasons and exploring the enchanting Suffolk countryside is the best mental tonic!


Important team members include …

Wayne, Parker, Robin and Rue (the animals). Along with Becky and all the amazing freelancers I work with to bring you your incredible designs.

two black cats


Heads of operations; grumpy, old and rarely seen.

two labradors


Heads of product testing and napping in flower beds; not camera shy!

lady working in a poly tunnel


Head of soil health;

Becky plays a vital role in growing our beautiful flowers, and expertly crafting arrangements.

lady working on flower installation


We collaborate with a talented team of freelancers who reflect not only our style, but also our ethical values.

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