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For this who just love having flowers around and bring the outdoors in minus the mud 

Our subscription flowers have evolved since 2021 and will reflex our big move to the country to grow flowers in 2022! 

Introducing our ‘best of the month’ subscription. A big bunch of flowery amazingness with the best of the month’s flowers in them. All British and all beautiful flowers. 

Each bunch will be a large and come on the 2nd Thursday of every month. 

Things you need to know …

- Flowers get thirsty too so change their water every couple days.

- They will arrive and need a really deep soak in water so they perk up and bloom for as long as possible. really fill up your vase pop them in then after a couple hours pour a bit of water out. 

- They love having their photo taken and are such posers, love a selfie too! Tag us to cause we love it! 

- We will not be giving you a vase but encourage you to go out to your local charity shops and buy one, remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and here at The Wild Society we love an “ugly” vase. 

- All your flowers are British grown and as of this year we will be growing a lot of them ourselves on our micro farm in Suffolk!

- Flower are sent via FedEx and you’ll get a tracking number on the Wednesday before delivery from us and from FedEx, if there are any issues please contact us asap. 

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